wedding ringProposing to the love of your life is one of the biggest moments in your relationship. Not only do you want to make sure that the moment itself is perfect, but you also want to have the perfect engagement ring.

There are so many different rings that it can feel impossible to pick out the right one. There’s so much to think about! The are four factors you need to remember that determine the value of a diamond: color, carat, clarity, and cut. If you’re struggling to choose the right wedding ring for your significant other, take this quiz!

If you both went out for dinner, what would your partner wear?

A: A Blazer and Dress Pants

B:The Latest Runway Look

C:Flannel and Bean Boots

D:A Little Black Dress

At dinner, what would your partner order?

A:Soup and a Salad

B:Fish Tacos

C:Chicken Wings

D:Salmon and Vegetables

What does your partner never leave home without?

A:Tubes of Lipstick


C:Their Gym Key Tag

D:Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Mostly A’s

If you picked mostly A’s, your love is elegant and traditional. She typically only wears silver jewelry, which means her engagement ring and wedding ring should be silver as well. A solitaire setting with a single diamond in the center is the best option for her. The engagement ring should feature a metal band with nothing on it, while the wedding ring should be surrounded by single diamonds.

Mostly B’s

If you picked mostly B’s, your girl is outgoing and stylish. She’ll likely want something that’ll sparkle and take the breath of anyone who sees it. Pick out a designer jewelry setting that holds her diamond higher, or one that has diamonds all around the band. A halo setting, a single diamond surrounded by many smaller diamonds, is also a great idea as it’s definitely one that will stand out.

Mostly C’s

If you picked mostly C’s, your girl is a nature lover and outdoorsy. She loves all of the outside elements and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She’s typically very active, so find a ring that holds the diamond a little closer to her hand. A thin metal band that will hug the diamond all the way around it is a great way to ensure that her diamond stays protected during her hikes.

Mostly D’s

Finally, if you picked mostly D’s, your partner is timeless and romantic. Is Coco Chanel her idol? Does she love Paris more than anything, except you, obviously? A ring from Tiffany and Co with some delicate and scroll work patterns is key. Consider a ring that looks more antique other than one that is more modern. Better yet, give her a ring from one of your favorite family members. joyeria pandora joyeria pandora joyeria pandora