Survival kit for your child

Summer is almost here! Ready to go on your biggest camping or hiking excursion yet?

Before you start looking up your favorite campgrounds and thinking of all the ways you can bolster your summer tan, double-check your outdoor survival gear. The best vacation is a safe one, after all, and you certainly don’t want a sprained ankle or bout with poison oak causing you to double right back to your hometown prematurely. This can mean reviewing your emergency packages for proper preparedness while hiking in the woods or adding a fuel less generator to your set-up for those extra long weekends. Whatever you’re liking, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare!

Here’s a simple list to get you started before the hot weather hits.

Fresh Water

Here’s a basic you can never do without. While a person can live for over a week and a half without food, people can only last three days without fresh water. Humans can also only survive an average of three hours without shelter in a very harsh environment. Make sure you have canteens that are always full everywhere you go, even if it’s temporary. Staying hydrated throughout the day is also important to stave off dizziness, nausea and heat stroke in the hot weather.


You may not think of a little sunburn as an emergency, but your skin is the largest organ you have. You need to take good care of it! When the weather gets hot and everyone’s wanting to get out and enjoy some sunshine, it’s imperative you bring a strong sunscreen everywhere you go. Make sure it has a high percentage of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as these are both the safest and most effective materials at blocking harmful UV rays. With skin cancer on the rise, it can’t hurt to be too careful!


Were you ever part of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? Then you likely know a thing or two about tying knots. The top five survival knots you should know to pad out your outdoor survival gear include the clove hitch, the bowline knot, the figure eight, the trucker’s hitch and the square knot. Knots are useful for pitching a tent, creating a means of getting down from a precarious area and making sure your pack doesn’t fall off in case of an accident.


What happens when you get lost? When it gets dark a lot faster than you realize or you misread your map, you want to be covered in a forest without cell reception. Three whistle blasts is the international signal for distress, so make sure to spread the knowledge to anyone unfamiliar with camping so everyone is on the same page. It’s best for you to plan out survival situations that last for a bare minimum of 72 hours. This is because many basic disaster conditions will generally improve after that amount of time.

Visit An Outdoor Survival Gear Store

When in doubt? Just stop by your local outdoor survival gear store and ask a professional to take a look at your set-up. They can recommend new additions, such as humless solar generators or bug out backpacks, or make sure your already existing equipment is good to go. A good vacation is a safe one and under no circumstance should you be caught hiking in the deep woods without your signal flares, canteens or food storage survival kit. When an adult can lose over one liter of sweat per hour under extreme conditions, it pays to be careful!

Now that you’re all caught up, turn your face to the sun and get ready to party all summer long!

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