Renting linens for a wedding reception

Scene Number One
The cluttered entryway to the reception hall was filled with half empty boxes of the most beautifully colored linens and parts and pieces of what appeared to be table centerpieces. When the guests entered the reception space, the mother of the college graduate was frantically trying to get the a video connected to the whole room projector. Two other women were working to assemble the final decorations on and around the cake and cupcakes. Although the room looked nice, it was easy to be distracted by all of the activity going on throughout the space. It was difficult to know if you should walk in, sign the guest book, or wait in the cluttered front entry. After awkwardly uncovering the guest book and signing your name, you tried to catch someone’s attention and, since you were unable to find someone who did not seem busy with another task, you grabbed a cookie from the food table and slipped out of the room and headed for the next party.
Scene Number Two
Even before you entered the reception space you were greeted by the graduate’s father. He shook your hand, welcomed you to the party, and directed you toward the room where the graduate was waiting to say hello. After getting a chance to talk to the high school graduate, another host directed you toward the food table and encouraged you to stop and look through the picture table. In fact, the host even mentioned that you would find a couple of pictures of when you had coached her toward the soccer championship two summers ago. You enjoyed watching the video, looking at pictures, and landed at a table of parents who you knew from that same championship summer. Before you knew it, an hour had passed and you realized that you better make your way to some of the other parties on your list.
Thoughtful and Detailed Planning Makes for a Smooth Running Event
Paying attention to the details can make a difference between a graduation party that people stop by for just a few minutes and a party that becomes a landing spot for a large crowd of friends and families. Making sure you are well planned for the big event can mean the difference between a wedding reception that finds you rushing around and putting out organizational fires or dancing the night away with your daughter and her new husband’s family.
Whether you are deciding on options for tablecloth rentals, chair cover rentals, or dance floor space, making detailed plans long before the event can make the event more relaxing.
Consider the costs of some average events:

  • The average total wedding in 2010 cost $26,984.
  • The average cost per wedding guest in 2013 was $196.
  • The average graduation party for 90 guests cost $983.

Lots of money, right? And while much of this money goes toward the guests, the host should be able to enjoy the celebration as well. Making all possible plans ahead of time can make it more likely that the hosts will enjoy themselves as much as the guests. Planning for the all possible details invloves considering many questions ahead of time, including:

  • How many tables and chairs will you need for the expected number of guests?
  • Do you want chair cover rentals for an event that will be more formal?
  • Do you want tablecloth rentals and other linens for the event, or will you be bringing your own?
  • If you are renting, do specialty linen rental items have an extra cleaning charge?
  • How early will the needed items be delivered?
  • Do the rental charges include set up, or can you get a discount if you set up the items yourself?
  • How early do you need to make down payments and final deposits?
  • Are clean up and pick up charges included in the rental price agreement?

While items like tablecloth rentals may seem small in the grand scheme of planning a wedding, these details that can be decided early will make it possible to move on to other important decisions. In addition, paying for table, chair, and tablecloth rentals well in advance can help you spread the expenses out across many months.

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