Nail polish is widely popular not only here in the United States but all throughout the world as well. In fact, nail polish dates back centuries, all the way back to China in the year of 3000 BCE. Back then, of course, nail polish was much different than it is today, and was made of ingredients like egg whites, gelatin, and even beeswax with vegetable dyes used for color.

But nail polish has remained popular through the centuries, even as it has become more advanced than ever before. In fact, the year of 2017 alone saw nail polish sales generate more than six hundred and five (and a half) million dollars throughout the United States alone, let alone in countries where nail polish is popular throughout the rest of the world. And between nail parlor sales (such as can be found in manicures and pedicures) and bottles of nail polish sold in the stores, there’s no doubt about it that nail polish is here to stay.

This is especially the case now that nail polish comes in so many different varieties. Of course, there are many different colors but nail polish can be matter or it can be shiny and it can also come in different textures now too. And make nails are also hugely popular, with acrylic nails first ever pioneered back in the year of 1978, now as a full thirty years ago. Acrylic nails can be ideal for a number of reasons.

For one, acrylic nails can give you stronger nails if you yourself don’t have particularly tough ones. When you wear acrylic nails, the risk of you breaking a nail is significantly less. And on top of this, acrylic nails allow you to have the look of longer nails without needing to grow out your natural nails, if this is the look that you are going for. In addition, acrylic nails are also simply just more long lasting than nail polish that’s applied directly to your natural nails, though it is important to note that you’ll need to go in and have them filled in on a regular basis in order to keep the look that you desire.

And vegan nail polish has also become more prevalent than ever. Vegan nail polish is nail polish that will be made with no animal products whatsoever, making vegan nail polish often synonymous with cruelty free nail polish. Of course, cruelty free products such as vegan nail polish will also use no animal testing at all at any stage of development of the product, something that more and more people are speaking out about in this day and age. For many people – even those who are not vegan – vegan nail polish can provide an accessible way to consume ethical beauty products, an important thing for many.

For those who are Muslim but still want to express themselves with nail polish, halal nail polish is often a great alternative. Halal nail polish will be breathable, which is a necessity for halal products. Halal nail polish, much like vegan nail polish, is become more widely available than ever before, giving people of all beliefs and backgrounds the chance to use nail polish in a way that is ethical to them.

And, of course, nail polish can be ideal for all people. Nail polish, from vegan nail polish to halal nail polish, can easily be a cruelty free product, and it is truly a great mode of self expression. You can choose nail polish in just about any color imaginable, and if you go to have a manicure, you can even get designs painted onto your nails. And nail polish is a truly easy way to add even just a little bit of flair to your overall appearance, something that can be difficult to do with your clothing on a day to day basis, especially when it comes to looking professional for work related reasons.

But no matter why you use nail polish or what kind of nail polish you use, from vegan nail polish to halal nail polish, nail polish is important for nearly everyone.