There are many important components to planning a large or even moderately sized party, from choosing your table linen to choosing a venue. Decisions both large and small must be taken into consideration, and nothing can be left unplanned. In fact, event planning is even a full time job, with many people specializing in the planning of important events such as weddings. The majority of all event planners in the United States – nearly fifty five percent of event planners in total – even attend regular conferences in order to keep up with the latest in the event planning world and to hone their skills and keep them sharp as well. If you are planning a large event, an event planner can help you to do everything from picking out the right table linen to finding a metal table skirting hanger (something the vast majority of the general population doesn’t even know about as something that exists in the world – but an event planner will).

Such a large event that greatly benefits from the influence of a professional event planner is, of course, the wedding. Weddings are immensely popular in the United States, with as many as forty four thousand – and more – taking place every single weekend throughout the entirety of the country. In the course of just one year in just this country (let alone all around the world as a whole) there will be nearly two and a half million weddings when all is said and done. And planning a wedding can be a hugely exciting process – but it can also be a hugely stressful one. For many brides (and grooms) who view their wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives – if not THE most important day – the stress of trying to have a perfect wedding can easily become overwhelming. And as more than sixty percent of brides have reported feeling this type of intense pressure to throw the perfect party, it is certainly not an isolated phenomenon. After all, there is so much to consider when planning a wedding.

There are the big things, like the dress – of which the process of choosing can be both exhilirating and frustrating. Food is another consideration. Many soon to be wed couples choose to hire a catering company. Catering companies are typically willing to accommodate even large weddings, as they are used to preparing and serving food in high volumes, which is ideal for the majority of weddings in the United States which have, on average, as many as one hundred and thirty six guests. The typical caterer will be prepared to accommodate as few as one hundred or as many as two hundred and fifty, making the day all that much easier for the bride and the groom. Caterers are also typically used to working long hours for a wedding that is partying into the night, as the average catering business in the United States usually will put in as many as fifty nine hours per every single week that they do business.

For everything else, from the table linen to fitted tablecloth covers, an event planner can be a huge help. Aside from helping you to make sure that you remember the small things – such as table linen and a fitted table cover – the event planner that you hire can help you to decide on some of the bigger concepts for your wedding, such as the theme of it. Rustic themed weddings, for example, have become particularly popular in the United States, with a drop in the interest towards weddings held in the more traditional location of the banquet hall. If you choose to go for a rustic wedding, your event planner might recommend that you choose a burlap tablecloth for your choice of table linen, as well as even matching burlap napkins.

From the choice of table linen to the dress, there are many things that go into planning the perfect wedding. And though your choice of table linen won’t make or break your big day, it is good to feel confident in your decisions.

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