Fashion is one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Just like the trees shift from green to orange and the sky swaps out the moon for the sun, so too do we express our growth through colors, layers and style. Even the most minute adjustment to your make-up or choice of footwear can completely reinvent your look and turn heads. It’s here we reach the double-edged sword of expressing yourself…how do you make sure you’re keeping up with the latest trends while still giving it your own personal touch? Should you even want to try out the latest Dilara Findikoglu clothing or Charles Jeffery jackets?

When in doubt? Make sure you got the basics. Let’s take a look at how to make sure you’re never skimping out on the essential elements of a solid look.

Did You Know?

Fashion moves at the speed of light. One minute high-rise skinny jeans are in, the next minute we’re all about baggy jeans. Even then? Throwback looks are seeing a comeback in certain indie and alternative cultures, meaning those in love with the 80’s and 90’s will have plenty to love. When it comes to purchases, however, fashion is nothing but incredibly modern. Worldwide e-commerce fashion industry revenue is predicted to rise from an already stunning $480 billion to $700 billion by the time 2022 rolls around.

Encourage Your Creativity By Trying Something New

The last thing you should do on your way to an iconic look is sacrificing your creative exploration. There’s only one you, after all, and who wants to look like they’ve been rolled off an assembly line? The employment of fashion designers is projected to grow by an impressive 3% between 2016 and 2026, which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from as you get in touch with your artistic side. Whether you’re someone who prefers the clean-cut look or you’re crazy about colorful layers, consider throwing a new article into the mix. A denim jacket may just be what you’ve been missing all along.

Don’t Forget To Compare And Contrast

What makes so many outfits just…pop? Take a look at the basics of contrast. Black to white, long to short, blue to red, contrast is how we differentiate and create balance. These basics are used in photography, illustration and, you guessed it, that outfit you’re throwing together to impress at a friend’s evening get-together. Back in 1930 the average American woman owned just nine outfits. Today that number is much closer to 30. When coordinating your Dilara Findikoglu clothing or designer socks make sure you have an opposite in there somewhere to balance it all out.

Toss On A Few Accessories To Transform Your Look

You’re starting to see the appeal of Chin clothing and Dilara Findikoglu clothing…but you don’t want to look too artificial. How can you add a sense of spontenaeity to your look while keeping your hard work in-tact? Just toss on a few accessories. Designer socks, designer sunglasses and designer necklaces are all quick and effective ways to play around with your standard outfits. For those that prefer a little more function, try swapping out your purse or your sunhat to completely change the way you look…and the way others look at you!

Look Into Popular Brands To Shake Things Up

You won’t be lacking for brands to fall in love with. Dilara Findikoglu clothing is on the rise and snagging attention for their range of bold colors, crazy details and splashy patterns. Chin mens clothing is the opposite, prioritizing clean looks that can blend in professionally or casually. According to a recent report from market research firm OnePoll, women spend more than 100 hours per year just shopping for clothes. Finding a happy balance is about exploring your unique tastes, keeping in touch with the latest brands and, of course, trying something new once in a while.

Who knows? Classic menswear or Dilara Findikoglu clothing could be your next great calling card.

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