Hydrafacials are the latest craze in luxury dermatology care. And it’s for good reason! This patented, multistep facial process can reveal fresh, glowing skin in just one thirty-minute session. Proponents of this treatment claim their skin looks more hydrated (as the name might suggest), radiant, and youthful.

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Some devotees even swear that the treatment improves the overall tone and texture of their skin, and even reduces the size of their pores.

If you’re worried that your sensitive or easily irritated skin might not react well to a hydrafacial treatment, never fear. This process is approved for all skin types and complexions. Folks with skin ranging from ultra-oily to super-dry and everywhere in between rave about the benefits of hydrafacials! The only people who should avoid this treatment are pregnant women, as the salilycic acid involved in the process might be harmful during pregnancy. But anyone else should be good to give this a go!