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Going clothes shopping can be daunting and considering questions like how to find your right jean fit or bra size can be as intimidating as it is exciting. Fashion is a huge world and industry, one that produces billions in revenue for the United States every year. From skinny jeans to snakeskin handbags, shoppers ask themselves how to find your right jean fit and how to keep on top of trends and more every day as they shop in shopping malls and boutiques around the country. In just 2015 alone, the U.S. fashion industry was valued at over $300 billion.

It’s true that many of us love to shop, finding the perfect sport coat, the perfect seasonal attire and seasonal accessories. But what many of us love more than anything is shopping online. There’s a wonderful convenience to it, of perusing to our heart’s content, never getting tired or worn out or sore feet. It’s so simple to click a few buttons and purchase a new designer shirt. And our love for online shopping shows – 40% of global consumers prefer online shopping. And the total revenue for e-commerce in 2021 is projected to be over $100 billion.

For the shoppers asking how to find your right jean fit, online shopping can be, at first, daunting. After all, how are you supposed to ascertain how something will look on you if you can’t try it on? Fortunately, many retailers will allow you to do just that, offering the chance for returns within thirty days of a purchase.

The fashion industry is, in party, so prosperous because the American consumer, particularly the American woman when it comes to clothes, wants more than they did before. Today, a typical American woman owns 30 outfits, what comes down to an outfit for every day of the month. In 1930, that number was drastically different. Almost a century ago, an average American woman only owned nine outfits total. And it’s not just outfits – we own more accessories than ever before as well, particularly hand bags and purses. In 2015, the total revenue for hand bags topped ten billion dollars. Surveys have shown that the average millennial woman owns an average of 13 handbags, and most women own handbags from a variety of brands.

Be it how to find your right jean fit to how to find the perfect handbag for you, shopping has something for every American. The fashion industry is vast and growing, ever prosperous.

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