Learn how to body pierce

The next time someone tries to call you a “punk” for your love of piercings, tell them it’s a tradition as old as civilization itself. Anthropologists have unearthed human remains dating back to 2500 B.C. with evidence of body piercings, and there’s no sign that they’ll be going out of fashion any time soon. If anything, a body piercing apprenticeship program could be the key to a long and stable career path.
Think about what you’d want from someone you’re going to let poke holes through your body. They should be clean. They should be professional. And for everyone’s sake, they should know what they’re doing. Just like in any other career or trade, an instructional body piercing apprenticeship allows aspiring piercers to learn from the best, to get hands-on experience in their field, and to gradually learn the tricks of the trade until they’re confident and experienced enough to go out on their own.
If you want to learn how to body pierce, you’re in a good market. But there’s still a lot to think about. Basic earlobe holes are the most common type of body piercing today, with more than eight out of every 10 Americans having been pierced at some point in their lives, but other areas are becoming increasingly common. Almost one-quarter of young people aged 18 to 29 said they have piercings in places other than their earlobes, and those types of jobs require professional and accurate needlework from a trained professional.
Real piercing is both an art and a trade. Yes, it gives you the freedom to make a living outside the conventional box, and yes, it automatically certifies you as a rebel. But it’s also a serious form of work that demands respect, dedication, and attention to detail. Remember, you’re making a huge impact on another person’s appearance that can’t be easily erased!
A real, professional body piercing apprenticeship program is about more than poking needles here and there or learning how to use one of those plastic guns you see in every mall in every town across the country. (Don’t get me started on piercing guns — they can be unsanitary and inaccurate!) It’s obvious that if you’re thinking about a body piercing apprenticeship program, you’ve got to be comfortable with needles. But you’ve also got to be comfortable getting up close and personal with the human body in all its forms.
Which body parts and appendages should you expect to encounter with a body piercing apprenticeship program? There are many types of body piercings, but some of the most common include nipples, eyebrows, non-lobe ears, tongues, noses, and lips for men; navels, noses, non-lobe ears, tongues, nipples, eyebrows, and lips for women. Without getting too graphic, there’s always more territory for piercing artists and the people who love getting piercings to explore.
So if you’re thinking about a body piercing apprenticeship program, know that it’s more than lackadaisically giving some folks a poke here and there. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to think about with every job and with every client. Apprentices who excel the most are the one with a deep passion for the culture as well as a commitment to personal and professional growth.
There’s always another punk out there looking for a new piercing. You can be the one to help them achieve their full punk potential.

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