Low price appliances

Did you know that over $200 billion in sales now take place online in the U.S.? As you have probably figured out, the internet is a great place to get the best deals on different products and services. Instead of having to pick from the stores closest to you, you can compare and contrast offerings from thousands of websites. Are you looking for new ways to save money? No problem. Here are three suggestions for online low price shopping.

1. Low Priced Electronics

One thing we recommend not buying used online is electronics. Although the opportunity to save is there, you will often be getting a poorly working old product, and the money you save will go toward replacing it much sooner once it finally gives up. You can often save money by going to official company websites and looking at refurbished products. These devices are vetted by the company, and in many cases it only amounts to a roughed up corner or a replaced key that they legally cannot sell as new, even if it basically is after they fix the issue. Deals Woot, Tech Bargains, and Slick Deals are all good websites to use as well for finding everything from phones to low price pcs.

2. Best Shopping Prices, Overall

If you want some of the best online deals, bookmark Amazon and Ebay, because you will often find them there. These two sites have some of the largest offerings, and more importantly, good return and buyer policies. If someone does not ship you a product, or the product is defective, these sites will make sure you get your money back, often making them a safer resource than companies selling their own products. 47% of consumers rely on online reviews, and you should too. These sites are great about providing that.

3. Tips on Online Shopping

Only shop online when you know what you want. The problem many people have with deal sites is that they become almost obsessed with not missing out on deals for things they never originally wanted. Once you know you want something, use sites like dealgrabber.com and freepricealerts.com which will alert you if you could get a better deal on it somewhere else. Only use secure sites that have https in the url so that you know you are not getting scammed into entering your credit information on an illegitimate website.

What are your tips for online low price shopping? Let us know in the comments!