Leather tote bags

People like wearing leather. At any given time of the day, the average person walking around the street is wearing four items made of leather. Nearly $54 billion is generated by the leather industry worldwide. Footwear makes up about 60% of that commerce. Leather products are luxurious looking and feeling. Leather messenger bags for men are much more stylish than any other kind.

Caring for leather products is different from other kinds of materials. If you want to keep your fine leather goods in the best shape possible, you need to be proactive in protecting and caring for it. Here are some tips to keeping everything from leather belts to leather messenger bags for men in tip top shape.

  • Be proactive. Prevent damage by protecting your leather items as soon as you get them. Before you ever take your leather briefcases outside, you should treat them with some protection. You can buy a leather protectant spray that will protect the leather from water and other elements. The sun can be very damaging so do not assume that because you are going out in nice weather that you do not have to protect your leather goods. If you are not comfortable doing this at home, you can take your leather to a professional.
  • Reapply the protective product. Just like when you go outside, it is not good enough to apply sunscreen once and then not worry about it. You know you have to reapply often throughout the day, especially if you get wet or sweat a lot. It is not enough to protect your leather messenger bags for men, for instance, once and then never do that again. You need to reapply the protectant at least once every three months. This keeps the leather supple and looking great. If you live in a climate with a lot of rain or snow, you should do this more often.
  • Consider the price tag on the item when you decide how to protect and care for it. Your expensive leather messenger bags for men may need to be treated by a professional but the cheap leather belts you have around can probably be treated and protected at home. It makes more sense to take the pricier items in your closet to a professional leather cleaner. Just use your best judgement when making that decision.
  • If you do your own cleaning and treating, take your time with it. Cleaning and caring for leather is not something you should rush through. You want to be the tortoise and not the hare here. Take your leather cleaner or use a very mild soap and moisten a paper towel. Take that paper towel and be very careful when you massage the leather with it. Make sure it is out of the way of any direct heat and let the leather item air dry completely before you put them away. If you notice that the color has faded or is starting to bleed, you should take it to a professional.
  • Test, test, test! Even if you have used a certain product before and it has been great, you need to always perform a spot test on any leather item before you try to clean or treat the entire thing. If you have leather messenger bags for men, you know how dirty they can get but you can destroy how they look if you do not do a spot test with your cleaner before you use it on the entire bag.
  • Water is not a friend of your leather. Do not immerse your leather goods in water. Leather may seems tough but it is a really fragile material. Take care with the amount of water you expose it to. This is why you need to treat your leather messenger bags for men before you take them out in the rain. When the leather is wet, do not rub it excessively.

Leather as a material is versatile, durable and has a unique feel that many people really like. There is a reason so much footwear is made from leather. It just holds up well and has a great appeal. If you have leather clothing or bags that you want to keep looking great, follow these tips.

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