The military camouflage that people are quite familiar with today was originally developed by the French of the course of WWI. However, during the second World War, the power of aerial observation and attacked inspired every warring nation to camouflage all types of targets. While the military is highly unlikely to use pink camouflage, unless they are fighting in a doll house, it can be a nice addition to any closet that helps someone set their wardrobe apart from others. Items like pink camouflage purses and other accessories can help anyone stand out, even if camo clothing might have originally been intended to help them blend in.

Although the tan and brown camo pattern that is used in desert environments was developed during the Arab Israeli conflicts in 1962, it was not often used until the Gulf War. Nowadays, many clothing companies and designers incorporate those patterns on lots of different items of clothing and accessories. In fact, many of them even produce pink camouflage items that help individuals create a custom look that is hard to replicate. While pink camouflage is not likely to be seen in a military context, it can certainly be useful to anybody who wants to build a unique wardrobe and develop a custom style.

For well over a century, camouflage has been a topic of interest and plenty of research in zoology. While there might not be an animal that features pink camouflage, several different species use some kind of camouflage. They might have skin that naturally blends in to the setting that they live in, or change as they move in order to hide from predators. However, people who wear pink camouflage or carry around accessories with that pattern and color are more likely to want to attract attention, rather than try to hide from it.

While many might not realize it, the word camouflage is actually derived from the French word “camoufler,” which means to blind or veil. Ironically, many individuals who add pink camouflage items to their wardrobe probably want to do the exact opposite of that. When walking down the street, people are hard pressed not to do a double take when someone wearing an outfit that features pink camouflage walks by. Because of the combination of the attention it garners and the way it can help anyone create a unique style, pink camouflage can be a great addition to any closet. Links like this nike air max 90 damen nike air max 90 damen nike air max 90 damen