Anniversary stones

From time to time, everyone may want to take a moment and look through the amazing types of quirky gifts that are available for purchase. Like the pet rock of the 1970s, which was conceived by an advertising exec that wanted to silence his friends who complained about the high maintenance of pets, today there are a vast number of quirky gifts out there that one could buy for a friend or loved one. While pet rocks were only on the market for less than a year, over 1.5 million of them were sold within that time.

Quirky gifts could also include custom engraved stones. Some people may chose quirky gifts like these for the actual engraving, while others may just find the look and feel of the stone to be absolutely beautiful. It may be surprising to some people just how long rock engraving has been around. Some Australian archaeological sites have petroglyphs which experts estimate to be around 27,000 years old. The oldest known object to have been engraved is a people that is 100,000 years old, and has at least 23 engraved lines.

Some of these quirky gifts could include dog memorial stones, or anniversary stones. They could make unique wedding gifts also, because of the personal nature their their messages can sometimes reflect. Engraved gifts like these could be used to remember someone special, or mark a special occasion in a fun and unique way.

Designers of suck unique and quirky gifts will often have command of artistry, not to mention harder sciences like geology. The study of rocks and their formation, geology is important because it helps to provide clues to the Earths past better than before. Many people will find it interesting that so much knowledge, science and artistry have gone into the quirky gifts that they may be looking to buy for a loved one.

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