This is the vacation that your family has been looking forward to for more than two years. Once you realized that your oldest daughter would graduate from college, that your youngest daughter would graduate from high school, and that you and your husband would be celebrating your 20 year anniversary all within three months, you knew that this merited a major celebration. And while you did not really want to host another party, all four of your agreed that taking a major vacation together would be the perfect option. Always wanting to travel to Greece, the whole family got behind the plan and started doing research, as well as cutting back on extra spending.

In fact, in order to help budget for the trip, everyone agreed that in the 12 months leading up to the trip, there would be no birthday or Christmas gifts. Already living in a house that is filled to the brim, the decision to forgo gifts for a year would mean that you would have more money to enjoy excursions while you were vacationing. And while you did a very good job of following the no gift rule for the most part, you could not resist getting everyone custom embroidered beach towels for the trip. In fact, you found a couple of ways to turn what would have been vacation expenses into small gifts that helped all four of you get ready for the celebratory trip.

From the embroidered beach towels to the best travel guides, the small preparatory items helped the family budget for the trip by making sure that there would be plenty of the things that you would need for the trip purchased ahead of time.

Beach Towels Are a Popular Gift Option for Many Occasions

Whether they are monogrammed with initials or embroidered with a favorite motif, beach towels are a great way to congratulate someone. From weddings to graduations to house warming gifts, an embroidered beach towel is something that is greatly appreciated, because it is something that many people would not purchase for themselves.

Extra large bath sheets, embroidered with a complete name or a monogram, are a great gift to students who are getting ready to head out to college. Having a large towel serves many purposes in a dorm room, from making sure that you feel well covered coming in and out or a community shower to having a great towel to take to the beach.
Did you know that nearly 77% of all travelers, and 78% of Americans, indicated that the “estimated price of total vacation” as their top concern when choosing a beach destination? As such there are a number of ways that families can make sure that they are ready for the special trips that they want to take. From setting aside money every month to buying up travel items over the months leading up to the trip, families who want to make travel a priority find a way to prepare for the costs. It might mean fewer holiday and birthday gifts or it might mean eating a few more meals at home, but if you really want to take a special family trip, you will need to prioritize your finances.

The fact that as many as 52% of respondents to a survey worldwide indicated that they expect to vacation at the beach in the next 12 months, it should come as no surprise that there are many people using the new embroidered beach towels to help them get in the mood for long days listening to the ocean.

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