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Exercise is good for you. We all know this intrinsically. But why is it so hard to get it done?

When you’re having a hard time getting in your daily 20 minutes or just can’t work up the courage to look at your scale, it’s time to reinvent how you look at exercise. It’s not just a chore to help you accomplish a series of arbitrary numbers. It’s to make you feel better in every sense of the word. You can build muscle. You can get the figure you’ve been dreaming of. You can even perk up your lagging mental health. Making new friends and changing your self-image, at this point, is just icing on the cake. Let’s look into some great exercise ideas that may just change the way you look at cardio.


Nothing like a refreshing dip to cure what ails you. Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise for its ability to strengthen just about all of your muscle groups while cooling you off, a fantastic win-win for the spring and summer months. Weather cold? Try a dip at an indoor pool and forget about all your worries. Studies have shown over $1 billion is spent on camping equipment every year. Some of the most popular locations for pitching a tent are by a river or a lake. Whether you’re a regular camper or someone who wants to visit the gym, swimming is not a bad choice at all.

Rock Climbing

For those that want a bit more adventure, learning about rock climbing techniques can get you on the right track. Rock climbing is often used for those that want to build some upper-body strength while bolstering their endurance, the stress of lifting your body over and over again a classic way of getting you lean and mean. Good rock climbing techniques should stress your unique physiology and limitations. Are you short? How about stocky? Do you exercise often or frequently? Find rock climbing techniques that embrace who you are and you’ll be on your way to success one lift at a time.


You’ve probably seen a few movies showing off fancy archery skills. But can you actually do all those crazy tricks in real life? Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. Archery isn’t just good for your arms. It’s good for your entire body. You see, the stress of firing a bow leads to proper muscle development in your back, shoulders, neck. Even your hips! Archery equipment for beginners can be the ticket you’re looking for if you want to exercise with a little bit of style. Who knows! Perhaps you’ll be slinging arrows by horseback after a year of practice.


Last, but certainly not least, there’s rollerblading. Those looking for toned legs and a bit of a classic vibe can lay their fears to rest. The American Heart Association has recently included rollerblading on the list of sports that significantly enhance the cardiovascular system by consistently regulating blood circulation. You can reduce your risk of heart disease, build some thigh muscle and improve coordination every time you strap on your skates. Worried about balance? Try going to a skating rink and meeting some like-minded people to practice with.

How To Start Exercising More Often

You’re probably grinding your teeth in frustration. All these ideas sound fun, but there’s the little issue of commitment still preventing you from reaping the benefits of constant exercise. There’s something that rock climbing techniques, archery equipment and paddle boarding all have in common…they’re special to you. It’s easier to stick with an exercise regimen when it’s an act you enjoy. Do you love the feel of the water on your skin? How about getting a thrill of finally hitting the target? Combine this growing passion with some simple goals and watch your health grow as a result.

Don’t let a little exercise scare you off. It’s all about the journey!

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