• Watch the sun rise or the sun set.
  • Practice piano.
  • Drink 80 ounces of water.
  • Go for a run.

Not a bad list of daily habits.

Your youngest daughter is still eight weeks away from the start of her senior year in high school, but she is already getting herself organized. She has decided that she will have a bullet journal this year, instead of the calendar style daily planners that she has had in the past. And while she is not really looking forward to the end of summer, she is excited about getting organized. Actually, she has always loved anything that has to do with organization. From binders to book covers and from pencil bags to planning for dances, she loves to get caught up in the details. Not surprising, she had not only purchased her Homecoming dress for her last and final year in high school, but she is also working with a group of her guy friends to make sure that they can do an in store shoot with their Prom tuxedos so that these pictures can be a part of the end of the school year video.

Girls often have their dresses early, but guys always pick up their Prom tuxedos the morning of the dance. She wants to find a store that will let the guys get pictures taken on the fitting process so that she can have some fun videos ready for the limo right to and from the dance.

The Homecoming football game and dance have not ever happened, your daughter is already making plans for the end end of the year formal dance! You would say you were surprised, but that would not be the truth. In fact, this year will probably be a little less stressful for your family than it will be for others. Your daughter is known for planning ahead and staying organized. Fortunately, her skills at getting ready ahead of time are also used in the classroom, as well as for the social part of the year.

Senior Year in High School Includes a Number of Expenses

Planning ahead is a great idea when it comes to approaching a son or daughter’s senior year. From graduation pictures and parties to formal dress purchases and Prom tuxedo rentals, there are a number of expenses that can catch you off guard if you are not careful.

Just by looking at one event it is easy to see why you would be lucky to have a student who plans and budgets ahead of time. Consider the expenses of the average teenager who is getting ready for Prom:

  • The American Prom industry is valued at an estimated $4 billion.
  • 40 million teenagers live in the U.S.
  • Parents plan to pay for 56% of prom costs, according to a Visa Prom Spending Survey. The survey also indicates that these parents also expect their teens to be responsible for paying for the remaining 44%.
  • Guys spend an average of $184 for a tuxedo, $64 for accessories and $34 for a boutonnière in their efforts to get ready for Prom.
  • By 2016, revenues of formal wear and costume rental in the U.S. reached $458.74 million, and a portion of this was for prom tuxedo rentals.

The last year of high school flies by pretty quickly, so it is not a bad idea to create a list of daily habits that will help your slow down and enjoy the last of these days with friends you have known for years. It may seem essential to buy Homecoming dresses and rent Prom tuxedos, but it is also important to watch the sun rise or the sun set when ever you get the chance!

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