Florists in reston va

What makes flowers such a beautiful part of our lives? Even starting from the top we could go all day on these brilliant plants and the unique flavor they offer any occasion. They come in a staggering array of colors and shapes, able to lift our spirits and decorate our surroundings with seemingly little effort. They smell beautiful and look incredible paired with customized vases and pots. Even better? They all have their own unique symbolism that can enhance a wedding or bring further joy to a baby shower. In a short, a flower can bring a thousand things to the table.

Did You Know?

Before you consider visiting a florist, let’s take a look at how Americans view these mundane yet stunning creations. Studies have shown over 60% of Americans feel special when they receive flowers, with another 70% saying both the sight and smell of flowers can really improve their mood. While commonly associated with women, men also are fond of receiving Valentine’s flowers. The American Society Of Florists recently revealed that nearly 40% of the women surveyed bought flowers for their spouse as a gift.


When you think of occasions with a ton of flowers, you probably think to weddings. You wouldn’t even be far off! Flowers make up an estimated 8% of a typical wedding budget on average, manifesting as decorations, accessories and the ever-famous bouquet. Although lilacs are a very popular wedding flower, it’s only in season for three weeks out of the year. Be sure to get them quick!

Mother’s Day

What other special days call for the appearance of a flower or two? Look no further than Mother’s Day. Celebrating the love and support mothers provide year-round, Mother’s Day has been found to account for one-fourth of all floral purchases made for the holidays. Back in 2015 a third of adults bought either flowers or plants for their mother as a gift.

Baby Shower

Some flowers almost seem tailor-made for certain occasions. Baby’s breath is one of the most beloved additions to any baby shower for its delicacy, soft colors and vivid symbolism. The holiday seasons sees half of all customers actively preferring fresh flowers as a host gift, meaning a baby shower can just as easily see flowers as decoration and as a gesture of love to the newest member of the family.

Flower Tips And Tricks

What else should you know about flowers? For those that have allergies or sensitive constitutions, there are hypoallergenic options to choose from. Seek yourself out some tulips, periwinkles, hydrangeas or zinnia to stave off runny noses and watery eyes. The holiday season sees 25% of customers buying flowering houseplants on the regular and many like to use them as housewarming gifts or as a pick-me-up for a sad friend. Remember that tulips, while very popular, only have a lifespan of three to seven days.

Choosing The Perfect Flower

It can seem like a lot shuffling through hypoallergenic options, colors and symbolism when choosing a gift. This is where a florist comes in. These professionals can craft the ultimate bouquets for your weddings or special occasion, combining flowers in a wide variety of styles that’s sure to dazzle the eye. They can also help with additional features, such as extending the lifespan of the flowers after the event is over. Flowers are one of the greatest gifts on this green earth. Put a little joy in your life and hire a florist next time the holidays roll around.

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