In this YouTube video, the presenter reviews the range of rubber stamp models. There are three main kinds of custom stamps: traditional, self-inking, and pre-inked.

Traditional rubber stamps have been around the longest.

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They remain the most popular partly because they offer a crafty and natural feel. These stamp mounts require a separate ink pad and rely on hand pressure to make a full and proper impression. These are go-to stamps for crafters because different colors and types of ink can be used with them. Traditional rubber stamps are the most cost-effective option.

If you have a job that requires rapid and repetitive stamping, then you should choose a self-inking stamp. Each mount has a self-contained ink pad that re-inks the rubber dye before every impression. They use water-based ink for less bleed-through and come in a variety of colors. Self-inking mounts will last thousands of impressions and can easily be re-filled to keep them stamping.

Pre-inked stamps offer crisp and sharp impressions every time. The mount comes with a pre-inked cartridge that allows the ink to flow through the dye plate to make a full impression. They use oil-based ink which is perfect for stamping intricate details such as signatures and notary seals. Pre-inked stamps are silent and require minimum hand pressure. They are the most expensive option, but they provide more than 25,000 impressions before need re-inking. This makes them worth the money.