Organic bath salts

When you are looking for organic bath salts and other organic hygiene products, either for gift-giving purposes or for personal use, experts recommend reading product labels. Bath salts can be relaxing — and can benefit people with certain health conditions, such as diabetes — but too many consumers mistakenly purchase gift sets that contain synthetic ingredients. Health food stores typically have a help desk, and employees undergo rigorous and extended training in order to help customers find the items they are seeking.
Sometimes the best place to start on the journey towards better health is your local health food store. Most health food stores have the ability to order products for customers — including vitamins, cases of yogurt or drinks, and even organic aromatherapy products — that they do not carry in the store. If you are looking for organic hygiene products, health food store employees can typically help you narrow down your search: there are products made specifically for people with allergies, people who prefer their shampoo and soap to be scent-free, and a wide variety of other personal preferences.
Aromatherapy products in particular should be ordered with care: health food stores may not carry a full line of organic aromatherapy products or all-natural essential oils. A single vial of organic rose oil could contain more than 25 roses, and customers may want to talk to employees before placing their orders. It is simple to add a drop of lemon oil to dish liquid or other cleaning products, and customers are advised that essential oils are extremely concentrated and that ingestion or inclusion in food products may be contraindicated.
Also, some essential oils are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding: customers should consult with natural food store employees. In general, aromatherapy products and essential oils have been successfully used as an addition to bath salts, as a strong-yet-pleasant fragrance in bath salts, and as a scented highlight to natural soap bars and other all natural hygiene products, like shampoo. Lemon and lime essential oils are popular as additions to cleaning products, while lavender oil and mint can both be used in spray bottles to brighten the smell of litter boxes, smoky households, and the inside of any car or truck.
Customers who are allergic to synthetic additives may also wish to consider exploring the wide range of essential oils that are available through health food stores. Some customers prefer to order their aromatherapy products through the internet, and either way is workable. Health food stores may carry a selection of essential oils that they allow customers to smell, allowing gift-givers the opportunity to figure out whether essence of basil or sage would be the best accent for their all natural hygiene gift baskets.
Aromatherapy oils can be an investment, and customers are advised to always read product labels in advance of a purchase: many health food store managers are extremely committed to providing customers a shopping experience that is free of synthetic additives and toxic chemicals. Customers can trust and invest in the products that health food stores carry, and at the same time, it is important to check labels to make sure that products do not contain allergens or other ingredients that may cause irritation.
In general, aromatherapy gift sets can be created at home and given as gifts. Experts do recommend that if your plan is to add essential oils to bath salts, for example, that you include more than one scent. Eucalyptus can be combined with lavender oil for a soothing and relaxing smell, and of course all of the citrus essential oils complement each other. Try unusual combinations, such as dill and oregano for men, or grapefruit and black pepper — with a hint of peppermint — for teens who are tired of store-bought fragrances.
Experimentation with essential oils is exciting: they brighten up any gift basket. Incorporating natural ingredients into gift-giving can be exciting and fun, and conferring with local health food store employees can be the perfect first step.

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