Knitting yarn

Centuries ago, it wasn?t unheard of for young women to knit and make prized creations for family members. As time progressed, many young women started falling away from knitting and learning how to crochet. Today, many are turning back to it, finding it a fun and affordable way to make their own clothing, create one-of-a-kind gifts for their family members, and express themselves by creating clothing that mainstream stores do not carry. In the span of three years in the early 2000?s, knitting by those within the age group of 20?s and 30?s has increased over 100%. Here are three different ways that knitting with yarn made in USA is becoming a fun and popular pastime favored by young women.

Knitting with Wool yarn is Trendy, and There is Even Social Media Designed to Bring Knitters Together

Many young people use different forms of social media to connect with one another, which is no surprise. However, this now extends into the fiber arts to include knitting using natural fiber yarn. There is a site called Ravelry, which brings together individuals who knot, crochet, weave, and work within the fiber arts, either for profit, fun, or both. In recent years, the site has had over 2 million members, bringing together young women in particular. This makes it easy for them to find a knitting buddy in their area, a mentor who can help them tackle their first project (or learn how to make a more difficult one), and even find events that focus on different types of fiber arts within a specified area. This makes it easier for these young women to get involved, connect with others who share their passion, and learn more about knitting and crocheting.

Knitting Outfits is a Form of Self-Expression, and a Way to Create Unique Pieces That Are Not Available Anywhere Else

Many young ladies are looking to find clothing that is as unique as they are, without wearing a copy cat of their friends. Others may find they are having trouble finding an article of clothing in a style or color they like, either in stores or online. One way to ensure this is by knitting something they know they will like and wear. Many companies associated with fashion, such as Vogue, even encourage their young readers, by coming out with patterns that will appeal to young women, while encouraging them to knit, and even having special issues devoted to the fun of knitting one?s own creations. Because knitting is viewed as something fun, creative and trendy, young women are interested in using wool yarn to create their own products for wearing and giving to friends. Many want to work with yarn made in USA, since they know what the quality is like, and feel this would be a helpful touch for family members and others who want to support creations that are both handmade and America made.

Knitting with Wool Yarn Is Helpful When Making Clothing That Needs to Absorb Fluids without Becoming Damp, Helpful for Young Women Who are Outdoors Often

Those who knit using yarn made in USA often prefer to do so with wool yarn. This is because cotton yarn cannot not absorb as much fluids, such as water or sweat, before it begins to grow heavy. Anything that is made with wool is able to absorb over 25% of fluids, whereas cotton cannot absorb even 20%. For individuals who tend to perspire often, or are in areas where they can get wet easily, wool is the better choice for allowing them to feel dryer for longer periods of time. Since many young women today often venture outdoors to enjoy a variety of activities, making creations with something that will allow them to absorb more water without feeling damp, creations with wool yarn is a natural choice.

There are many reasons young women today like to knit and use yarn made in usa. It allows them to create their own outfits, is an ideal choice for those who are outdoors and need something that can easily absorb water without weighing them down. Finally, trends and social media are encouraging more young women to learn about knitting and band together in making their own creations.

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