Black men beard care

Beards have long been a sign of individualism and creativity, indicating a person who makes their own rules rather than following others. Until recently, however, the practical aspect of caring for beards was largely neglected. Despite the proliferation of hair and skin care products for men, there weren’t many specialized products, especially black men beard products.

Beards are a fashion statement
Beards have been seen as a sign of individuality and character. More than two out of three or 67% of one thousand men surveyed in New York City, had facial hair, in the form of a beard or mustache.
For one third of those surveyed, the preference was for a full-beard. That makes it the most popular style of facial hair in the city. When asked for their reason for growing a beard, over half or 53% said that it makes them feel more attractive. Another 41% said that having a beard made them feel more confident.

Special care for beards
Overall, about one third or 33% of all American men have beards. Until recently, there haven’t been any specialized products for beard care. However, caring for facial hair is different from skin care and hair care. That’s because facial hair is different.
Beards grow 5.5 inches per year, on average. This rate varies with the seasons, and beards grow up to 50 to 60% faster in the summer than in winter. Beards on non-African men grow a little faster than for African American men, at 400 micrometers a day as compared to 250 micrometers a day.

Special products for African American beard care
Not only is there a need for specialized products for beard care, black men beard products address the specific issues that beard care involves for African American men. For instance, for a healthy beard, African American men should use a special beard conditioner at least once a week, along with regular face washing.
The men’s toiletries industry has grown in recent years, with products like beard balms, oils, shampoos, and conditioners. According to the 2015 Euromonitor report , it grew by 4% to reach a total of $3.4 billion. The industry is finally paying attention to the need for specialized beard products and especially beard products for black man.

African American beard products have a growing market
Black beard care products have a growing market to tap into. As of 2009, the Target Market News reported that African American men were spending $7.4 billion personal care products and services. This includes hair care.
Beard care products such as special conditioners, balms and oils are an increasingly popular choice as consumers discover these products and their efficacy. Black man beard products that address the needs of beard care for African American men deliver results that people have bed now looking for.

The market for black men beard products is poised to grow as more and more men discover the need for such products. The results speak for themselves.

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