In the 80s and 90s, shoppings malls were all the rage. People loved to schedule dates with their friends and spend the whole day running in and out of different stores. So what changed? Well, it’s tough to say, but when online shopping became so relevant, the death of the shopping mall was only a couple of steps behind it.

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Why was this such a big turning point? The thing is, there is a novelty to going out to the mall and buying that thing that you’ve been saving up for. What people didn’t think through is that the urge to stay at home and be able to wait for something to come to your door would overpower the desire to actually physically go to the mall. Nowadays, we see people making shows and documentaries about how popular malls used to be, but the fact that we talk about them almost in the past tense while there are still malls out there is quite sad. Now mall owners have to find a way to solve the issue that is finding a way to sell a huge plot of land with buildings and parking built into it. Will there ever be a resurgence of the mall culture? Only time will tell.