Donating clothing to charity

Most people clean out their closets from time to time which can be a freeing experience, but it’s made even better when the unwanted clothes are donated in the process. There are a ton of people who need clothes out there, and even if the style seems a bit outdated to you an item could be a godsend for someone else. Here are some reasons why veterans donations are the way to go.

Most people are aware that donating their clothes is a good idea but just don’t know how or where to do it. Without knowledge about the experience, it’s more likely that people will end up throwing clothing away, but there’s a better way. It might not seem like a big issue to toss a t-shirt here and there, but the average American throws away 82 pounds of textiles each year.

Overall Americans only donate around 15 percent of the clothing that they get rid of. That means that the clothing that is not donated or recycled will end up in landfills…and that adds up to about 10.5 million tons of trash each year. That’s unnecessary for so many reasons. One being making all that trash causes sustainability issues, and the other that most of that clothing is perfectly usable and there are people out there who need it.

The good thing is that there are plenty of organizations who are willing to take it off your hands to recycle it or pass it along to the next person who will get some good use out of it. Veterans donations are a great place to donate since many veterans find themselves in need. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for veterans is two percent higher than it is for the average citizen, which means that they’re more likely to go through timed where finances are rough or scarce. Veterans and their families often need some extra help to get on their feet. Do keep in mind that when you’re helping military families you are also helping children who are in need of clothes.

Most towns will have multiple veterans donations options, which might include stores where you can drop stuff off or even drop boxes in the parking lots of banks and grocery stores where people are visiting frequently. The process of donating clothing is pretty easy, but to make things even easier, there are many organizations that will pick up the clothes. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your house to take part in the process.

As it is 95.4 percent of Americans do some sort of charity, which means that it shouldn’t be a stretch to make sure that those clothing donations are heading to the right places. Donating clothes to charity is always a better option than throwing those clothes away, and donating to a veterans charity means you know exactly where the donations are going. Our veterans work hard for to keep our country safe, so it feels like a great way to repay them, and an incredibly simple one at that.

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