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    Pink Camouflage is All the Rage

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    Military camo bedding

    Pink camouflage. You can stop laughing now. It is actually quite the fashion statement, both on the fashion runways as well as on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. Again, stop laughing. We are not talking about pink camouflage taking over from the traditional hunting and military camo.

    Now, of course, hunters and the military were perhaps the first to employ the use of camo. The word camouflage comes from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or disguise. To this end, camo is design to disrupt the vision and confuse the brain, which allows a person to disguise himself or herself. While not pink camouflage, U.S. troops during the Gulf War did use colorful names for their camouflage. “Cookie dough” and “chocolate chip” were the nicknames for this desert camo.

    The most popular camo patter


    Sunglasses of Today do Much More Than Look Cool

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    Ray ban replacement lenses

    Stories about the Roman emperor Nero include the fact that he used to enjoy watching gladiator fights through polished gems to alter the color of the battles and distort the images. While it would be hard to say that those gems were the first sunglasses that anyone ever used, they might have been an early predecessor to the polarized replacement lenses that many people need today when they break their sunglasses. And though Romans most certainly had no idea how polarized lenses filter UV rays, Nero might have been more of a trend setter than people realize.

    In part because of certain struggles during the Second World War, Ray Ban developed aviator style sunglasses for the Air Force that had anti-glare abiliti


    Get Even More out of Your Online Shopping

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    Low priced computers

    As with a great many number of things, shopping has been forever changed by the Internet. A physical store without an online presence is nearly unheard of these days, and many stores are, in fact, promoting their online outlets more heavily than ever. But just because the whole process is more streamlined doesn’t mean that a savvy shopper can’t still get a comparatively great deal. Here are a few tips and tricks for low price shopping online:

    • Basic Security.%3Cbr%3EThieves and pickpockets have existed for as long as there have been things to steal, but the Internet provides an even more fertile medium for their exploits. One of the easiest tips for safe online shopping is to make sure that as soon as you are asked for any sensitive information (address, phone number, and certainly c

    Aspen furniture —- [FREE VIDEO]

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