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    From Cave Man-Bag to Today’s Man-Bag A Trip Through Time and Leather

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    Leather handbags

    Men have been sporting handbags, so to speak, since the dawn of time. The first man “purse” is known to have been worn 5,000 years ago by Otzi the Iceman. In the 1700’s men carried purses that were referred to as pouches, made of a soft cloth material to carry their coins in. Pouches were replaced by deep pockets when men graduated from breeches to trousers in the 1700’s.

    Handbags for men were introduced back into the fashion world in the 1970’s and skyrocketed to popularity. They are now used by men the world over and are referred to as the man-purse or man-bag. Men use these to carry their wallets, handkerchiefs, combs, phones, and anything else they need to get through their day away from home. The man-bag is most often designed after a backpack or a messenger bag. A messenger bag is a bag with one