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    3 Reasons We All Love Makeup

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    Natural skin care products

    Makeup is wonderful. Sometimes we like to complain because of all the work that goes into it, but at the end of the day a lot of us can’t live without the stuff. Its impossible. No way. And the reason why that is? Because makeup helps us to better our looks. From natural hair care products

    to eyeliner, makeup helps. And, no matter what natural flaw may have popped up, whether it be a pimple or a wrinkle, makeup can help us cover it up. Plus, it can even make us look better than before. For example, here’s three common “surprises” that makeup helps us out with.

    1. Baggy Eye
      Had a long day at work? Couldn’t get any sleep?

    Why Knitting is Now More Popular Among Young Women Than Ever Before

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    Knitting yarn

    Centuries ago, it wasn?t unheard of for young women to knit and make prized creations for family members. As time progressed, many young women started falling away from knitting and learning how to crochet. Today, many are turning back to it, finding it a fun and affordable way to make their own clothing, create one-of-a-kind gifts for their family members, and express themselves by creating clothing that mainstream stores do not carry. In the span of three years in the early 2000?s, knitting by those within the age group of 20?s and 30?s has increased over 100%. Here are three different ways that knitting with yarn made in USA is becoming a fun and popular pastime favored by young women.

    Knitting with Wool yarn is Trendy, and There is Even Social Media Designed to Bring Knitters Together