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    Hair Syles for 2018 What?s New, What?s Back

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    Hair styling

    It?s your crowning glory and there?s no doubt that that the look of your hair affects your mood and self confidence. A good hair day is a good day, and conversely a bad hair cut can ruin a day or a week. For 2018, it?s easier than ever to have a good hair day. A sneak peek at trending styles shows that the look is natural, free and easy. On the runways, in the salons and on the fashion pages, braids, loose updos and buns or pixie cuts are everywhere.

    Hair care: salon or home?
    Did you know that there are more beauty salons than movie theaters in the country? With 360,000 locations in the U.S. and revenues worth $150 billion worldwide, the hair styling and beauty industry makes a major contribution to the economy. In fact the U.S. alone accounts for half of the total worldwide rev