Pink Camouflage is All the Rage

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    Military camo bedding

    Pink camouflage. You can stop laughing now. It is actually quite the fashion statement, both on the fashion runways as well as on the pages of glossy fashion magazines. Again, stop laughing. We are not talking about pink camouflage taking over from the traditional hunting and military camo.

    Now, of course, hunters and the military were perhaps the first to employ the use of camo. The word camouflage comes from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or disguise. To this end, camo is design to disrupt the vision and confuse the brain, which allows a person to disguise himself or herself. While not pink camouflage, U.S. troops during the Gulf War did use colorful names for their camouflage. “Cookie dough” and “chocolate chip” were the nicknames for this desert camo.

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