Discover the Harmful Nature of EMF Radiation

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Many households all across the world have electronic devices within them. These innovations can help us find a location, talk to a loved one, and do just about everything in between. However, many people are unaware of the harm that they could be suffering by having electronic devices in their homes. It goes without saying that you won’t want to rid yourself of these devices but there is way to protect your cells from the electromagnetic fields caused by electronic devices. The damage done by EMF radiation can also produce overwhelming feelings of stress. In a 2012 study, it was revealed that constant EMF exposure created an environment of psychological stress in cells after only 1.5 years. In this post, we will discuss the effects of emf exposure on children, factors to determine your own


Three Negative Effects Of EMF Exposure

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Many people remain unaware of the risks of EMF exposure — or even what EMF is. EMF refers to electromagnetic fields, which are all around us in our daily lives. Exposure to a small amount of EMF for a short period of time isn’t that risky; but due to our increasing dependence on technology, many people are exposing themselves and their families to far more EMF than they should. This can have negative physical and emotional side effects, as we’ll discuss below. However, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to cut yourself off from the world in order to avoid EMF — many of us can’t reasonably expect to work in this world without using wifi and cell phones, both of which can expose people to EMF. Rather than avoid EMF, you should block it. There are many different types of EMF protection shields that can pro