What Leather Apparel and Accessories Say About Your Style

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    Leather speaks of timeless values, of people who know what they stand for, and for quality that endures. Used by humans for thousands of years for clothing, shelter and many other purposes, leather is durable and beautiful at the same time. Fine leather goods speak to a tradition of simple quality, where elegance and good taste have no need to shout to be heard.

    Leather: a brief history
    Actually the history of leather is anything but brief. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, and has become identified with enduring quality. The ancient Romans even made sails out of leather for their boats. It was worn by fashionable Egyptian women. Around the world, leather was used to make the goods of war and peace: furniture, tents, weapons, shields, body armor, water carriers,


    Tips to Keep Your Leather Looking and Feeling Great

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    People like wearing leather. At any given time of the day, the average person walking around the street is wearing four items made of leather. Nearly $54 billion is generated by the leather industry worldwide. Footwear makes up about 60% of that commerce. Leather products are luxurious looking and feeling. Leather messenger bags for men are much more stylish than any other kind.

    Caring for leather products is different from other kinds of materials. If you want to keep your fine leather goods in the best shape possible, you need to be proactive in protecting and caring for it. Here are some tips to keeping everything from leather belts to leather messenger bags for men in tip top shape.

    • Be proactive. Prevent damage by protecting your leather items as soon as you get t