Get the Most from Your Promotional T-Shirts with These 7 Tips

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Quality printed t shirts, San diego screen printers

    T shirt embroidery

    Americans love t-shirts. At least 90% of us have one t-shirt that they refuse to part with because of its sentimental value. More than 95% of like wearing t-shirts. Given the overwhelming popularity of these items, it should come as no surprise that promotional t-shirts often are great marketing tools.

    1. Make your promotional t-shirts wearable. You get mileage from your custom compressed t-shirts when people wear them. If you make up a bunch, give them out and they then sit in people’s closets, they are doing you no good. You need people to wear them when they are out and about. That is how your message gets spread to others. Everyone wants to spend less on their t-shirt printing services but you end up wasting all