Are You Looking for a Way to Stay Safe While You Run?

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    High visibility hooded sweatshirt

    You made sure to make the entry in your runner’s journal before you threw the hi vis long sleeve shirts in the laundry, and even before you iced and napped. You feared if you did not record the notes right away part of the pain from the day’s race might forgotten. You doubt it, but it is possible.
    A few notes on the race before I ice and nap. The North Dakota run is one I will not soon forget. From the beginning, you knew that I was in for something special when I signed up to run a race in hockey town. The start did not disappoint. Because we were so close to the Canadian border, the official start began with got Oh Canada and the Star Spangled Banner.
    This was a flat, flat course which meant that I had pretty high expectations, which is an awesome mindset to have going into any


    Three Important Factors While Choosing High Visibility Safety Clothing

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    Reflective button down work shirts

    One essential part of making sure all of the workers on a work site are safe is ensuring that all workers can be seen. All of the safety protocol in the world serve no purpose if the operators of heavy equipment don’t know there is a person present to follow the safety protocol for. This is why brightly colored workwear, such as hi vis waistcoats, cargo work pants with reflective tape, and fluorescent vests play such an essential part in work site safety.

    When choosing the right hi vis waistcoats and hoodies, construction safety vests, and other workwear for your staff, it’s a good idea to keep the following factors in mind:

    Three Important Factors While Choosing High Visibility Safety Cl