Guys, do you want to build the perfect wardrobe with just TEN clothing items? Watch this video for more details about the essential pieces of clothing for men to keep in their closets!

Here’s a quick recap:
Light-wash jeans – These are easy to match and go with almost any color or style.
Dress pants – We recommend a good, tailored pair of grey slacks.
Smart pants – These are comfortable, breathable, and made with aloe which absorbs into your skin, providing essential nourishment.
Sweats – They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

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T-shirt – We suggest a white or black t-shirt because they are the most versatile.
Long-sleeve button-down – Go for fitted, neutral, and small patterns to keep your shirt simple.
Crewneck sweater – Crewnecks are trendy and great for layering.
Overshirt – These elevate your outfit and can be worn by themselves or over a t-shirt.
White sneakers – Select any brand or style, no matter what you pick, they can be worn with anything.
Dress shoes – Pick a pair that are comfy and goes well with the rest of your wardrobe.

With these ten items, you can make 32 different, wardrobe-boosting outfits!.