The Ford Escape is a great SUV model that Ford has built for many years. The cost of a new model is much more affordable than many competing models from other automakers. That means there is a potentially great deal on a used Ford Escape for sale. As the accompanying video affirms, the Escape can be a terrific value when buyers choose quality used models for daily transportation.

What makes used Ford Escapes a great investment? The Ford Escape has been in production for two decades and uses proven engines and other equipment to make it go.

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The Escape is a solid design that is not intended to do anything more than be a very reliable SUV platform that is affordable when bought new. And the Escape lasts a very long time when maintained properly.

The combination of a proven engine and drivetrain on a solidly designed SUV makes the Escape an ideal candidate for buyers of used cars. Buyers can find good used Ford Escapes for sale by conducting online searches of dealerships and used car listings. Just look for any model that was maintained properly and has relatively low miles.