Laptop radiation protection

In a modern world where almost everything has been wired and powered up, there will be always the concern of radiation emission. From small gadgets at home such as sockets, power cables, hairdryers to large appliances such as microwaves, dishwasher or fridges, the potential harmful electromotive force will definitely find their way out to the general public.

A study conducted back in 2010 showed that children and adolescents between the age of 8 to 17 years exhibited signs of (electromotive forces)EMF exposure, irritation, nausea, and headaches. Regardless of how the level of radiation and electromotive force, it potentially poses EMF risks. And that’s why lately, the industrial focus has been to create EMF protection.

Traditionally, whenever there was the concern on EMF frequencies, people used different techniques to self-mitigate and offer a remedy to their situation. EMF shields meter were developed to help detection of EMFs frequency around the house, and they proved to be effective in their use. They are easy to handle and use, and cost less.

Another common practice on emf protection for electronics is to increase your distance between you and any of your electronic appliances. It has been established that even some internet connectivity produce levels of frequencies. Such case is the wifi, wifi radiations, and laptop radiation contributes significantly to high levels of EMFs around your house or office buildings. Also, turning off the source of the field result, after an EMF meter detection, is able to reduce the problem by great margins. However, some of these EMF mitigation strategies brought inconveniences along the way.

Experts came up with what is referred to EMS shields, EMS shielding involves putting up EMS blockers and barriers between the source of the EMF and the users. With different types of shielding, you can choose a suitable one and have it in the right amount. Proper installation of EMF shields is also important. There are two ways shielding materials can be installed, one, the shielding fabric can be used to coat the source of EMS or it can be placed close tho the body of the person.
Here are some common examples of EMS shields with their specific application.
1.Shielding bedding
Using this functional shielding canopy over your bed can help in reducing EMS risks. It is made from lightweight EMS fabric with about 92 percent polyester net-knit and 8 percent silver-plated copper fiber. Its transparent design allows maximum light and air penetration.

2.Shielding window films
Since radio frequencies pass through almost any surface, it is vital to black any source especially the common route which through the windows. You don’t need to do a complete replacement of your windows to get a good shielding. Opt for some shielding films, just peel the adhesive backing and apply it to your window. It can also be applied to any glass surface around the house, and it also helps in heat controlling.

3. EMS shielding for electronics
This form of EMS shields can be used to cover almost any device that produces traces of EMS radiation. Most electronic components will not only produce EMS radiation, but also magnetic fields and none of them is safe. You’d probably want to use a combination of EMF shields for both magnetic fields and radiation. Some examples of this shields include wrap top, monitor shield, remote keyboard, ball mouse, capture cage and tower shields. These shields are designed to reduce the emission of radiations from a laptop or desktop computer. Shielding your body is equally necessary and you can use radiance, wave cage, router guard, signal tamer, shielded gloves, glasses, and apron.

4.Shielding paint
The radioactive frequency coming through walls can be curb using specially treated paint, the shielding paint. It can be applied to every part of the house from walls, doors to ceilings for a complete radiation protection. Shield paint effectively blocks phone signals, FM signals, radiofrequency radiation among other harmful radiations. This is seen as wise EMF shields tactic, as it is to apply this water-based paint across surfaces.

These few EMS shields practices can go a long way to protect you and your family from harmful radiations and frequencies.

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