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The human body is a magnificent organism comprised of billions of cells that each serve a vital purpose in keeping you healthy. These cells that make up the human you are are sensitive to energy that runs through your body, and from your surroundings. In fact, the natural energy that comes from the biomagnetic fields is enough to ignite the cells of your body.

Now, consider the extreme levels of energy that the delicate cells of your body are exposed to due to our increased used of electronics: every text message that pings from one cell phone to another. The frequency of a WiFi signal being sent back and forth between electronics in your home, school, work, and even in your coffee shop. Consider the energy that the microwave harnesses to prepare an entire meal in just sixty seconds. When you consider that even the small amount of natural energy causes the cells in your body to respond, how much more so does all of the added energy that our bodies are exposed to now impact us?

Very little research has been conducted to verify that the added energy that our bodies are exposed to now is safe for our health and well-being. What we do know is that in the last eight years, the number of brain tumors with an unknown cause has increased by 30%. What we do know is that behavioral issues in children, such as attention deficit disorder, autism, hyper-activity, and emotional distress, are more common, without any known reason, than ever before. In fact, the threat of this electromagnetic energy (EMF energy) is so real that last year, nearly 200 scientists from across the globe met with the UN to call for greater regulation on EMF dangers.

One day, we hope that there is a global solution to the EMF energy crisis, but until then, you should invest in EMF shields to protect yourself and your family. A few basic EMF shielding steps you can take to protect children, animals and adults in your home include:

Four EMF Shield Steps

  1. Install EMF shield equipment.

    There is bioelectric shielding equipment to protect you from any specific dangers that you might live with. EMF shielding apparatus can protect you from laptops, large or small appliances, microwaves, and so on. Finding the best solutions for you depends on your lifestyle and exposure to EMF energy. Contact an EMF shield expert to discuss this further.
  2. Live away from the greatest sources of energy.

    We aren’t saying that you should live off the grid; we’re saying just make yourself aware of the EMF “hot zones” and situate your home so the least amount of time is spent near them. You are bound to spend the most time on the couches, beds, and chairs of your home. Situate these furnishings away from power outlets, WiFi routers, and other items that give off EMF radiation.
  3. Unplug.
    When you are asleep at night, you do not need internet access. However, your router is still sending out energy that your body is absorbing. When your electronics are not being used, simply unplug them and turn them off. This is a simple way to cut down on EMF vibes.
  4. Put your feet on the earth.

    When your bare feet touch the natural earth, it absorbs the EMF energy running through your body and balances it out. There are EMF shielding products that do this for you, but one simple way to reduce some of the radiation your body is bombarded with on a daily basis is to simply walk on the earth with no shoes on. Yes, we’re being serious.
  5. Make your sleep area an EMF-free zone.

    When you sleep, the cells of your body work especially hard to repair and rejuvenate your tissue. As a result, they are particularly vulnerable to EMF radiation. Take action to protect your body while you sleep; remove electronics from your room. Do not sleep next to your cell phone. Better yet, turn your phone off altogether. Let your bedroom be a radiation-free zen zone.

Do you have any other questions about protecting your family from EMF radiation? Please share your questions and comments in the comment section below!

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