Promotional tshirt

Are you trying to think of ways to promote your business in an inexpensive way? Starting out with a new business can be difficult for many reasons. You are trying to get your feelers out there and see if people like your product, you aren’t making much of a profit at this point usually so you can’t shell out a lot as well as trying to market your business without going further in to debt. Well, here are just a few ways that you can promote your new business with fairly cheap methods.

Promotional T-shirts
Have a few of these promotional t-shirts printed off by t shirt printing services so that you and any employees that you have, or possibly friends can wear that around town. If you make the shirt interesting and noticeable enough, you are bound to attract some attention. People may stop you and ask questions about it or they may just take a mental note for later use. Either way, you are getting your brand out there, which is the important part. It doesn’t just have to be promotional t-shirts either, you could design a custom promotional tote bag or hats or jackets or whatever is most fitting for you company as well as the climate and the things that you do. If you never go to the gym, carrying a gym bag might be silly. But for someone who does go daily, it’s a great way to promote your business in a place where you have time to stop and talk about it.

Business Cards
Business cards are not very expensive. There are various websites online that will allow to design and print 100 plus cards for around $20 to $30. You should always keep these on hand. Every time you sell something, give the person a few business cards. Every time someone asks about the promotional t-shirts that you wear, give them a business card. You should always be looking for opportunities to hand out your card. They’re cheap so put them everywhere you can. Cars, notice boards, those little business card jars where you can win something if you card is pulled; whatever opportunity presents itself, don’t think of any as unproductive. The more your name gets out there, the better off you’ll be. It may take someone a while but eventually they’ll come across your card again and remember the encounter and will come into your store or visit you online just to check it out.

Social Media
This is a basically free way to market yourself. Set up an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for your business and then post regularly. Typically, if you ask to follow someone, they will probably follow you back. Be careful about trying to follow a bunch of random people too frequently though, the social media outlet may kick you out of the system if they think you are trying to spam people. Add a few people a day and see how it goes. You can run promos and deals online through your profiles. Small giveaways and things that catch people’s attention are always a good idea. Try to strike up conversation and back and forth banter in order to attract more attention to your profile.

Word of Mouth
This is free advertising of the very best kind. Every time you sell your product to someone, ask them to tell two people about you. If you can get them to commit to doing that, it’ll weigh on their mind until you do. Hearing someone else’s positive experience is the best kind of advertising. You could also ask them to leave a review for you on your website or on a third party review website in order to boost your ratings. The more reviews that you get, the more people will be interested in doing business for you. On the plus side, if you get a lot of positive feedback, search engines pick up on those keywords as being connected to your business and will eventually feature your website on one of their results pages.

The early days of a business are difficult and it’s easy to get discouraged. But don’t give up! Your best days are ahead of you if you can just make it through the beginning.

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