Compressed tshirts

Are you thinking of purchasing compressed tshirts for your business? If you aren’t, you might more likely be thinking, “Um… what in tarnation are compressed tshirts?” We don’t blame you. Compressed tshirts are a somewhat new form of marketing, but quickly making a name for themselves.

So what are compressed tshirts? Well you know how everyone is crazy for promotional t-shirts? Compressed tshirts takes it just a step further. After going through t shirt printing services, your custom promotional t shirts are compressed into any shape you want (if you’re a handyman, you could get your promotional compressed shirts in the shape of a wrench. If you sell cookies, maybe you’d get compressed shirts in a cookie-shape… well that’s just a circle.) to conveniently hand out to your compressed shirts to your target market.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, pay attention to our list of reasons that compressed tshirts rock your socks off:

Four Reasons Your Business Needs Compressed Tshirts

  1. Connect With Your Target Market
    Giving out a promotional item at all (compressed or not) is a great way to start a conversation with your target market. Like, “Here’s a tshirt… have you thought about getting pet life insurance?” It gives you the perfect excuse to break the ice. But to double your lottery winnings, handing out compressed promotional gear really makes a statement that gets your audience interested. We’ve all seen promotional tshirt. Yawn-fest. Now a promotional shirt that is compressed into the shape of the United States? That’s interesting! That catches the eyes of your customers.
  2. Get Some Attention

    Our consumer-driven market is over-saturated with marketing junk. Your billboard is going to be ignored. Your customers will flip right passed your news paper ad (that was a trick question… your target market won’t even look at news papers anyways). Your audience will change the channel or station when you advertise through commercials on the radio or television. There is just so much marketing coming from all directions, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce.

    On the other hand, you are the only person in your industry handing out cool compressed tshirts, we can promise you that. They’re unique. They’re cool. No one else has them. They make your target market say, “Whoa, cool compressed shirt. The company handing these out must be worth looking into…”

  3. The Gift That Keeps Giving

    While your other marketing efforts last as long as you’re paying for them, and get you about two seconds of attention from your audience, giving out a promotional item only costs you once, but the message keeps chugging along for years to come. This is particularly true if you make your marketing message catchy. Everyone love free tshirts, even if they never take them out of their compressed form, they’ll still serve as an effective reminder of your business as long as the recipient holds onto the compressed tshirt. And then when they expand it into a shirt, it will once again give your business a shout out. Using compressed shirts to advertise your business only costs you one time, but makes an impression for a lifetime.

  4. Increase Brand Recognition
    They say it takes a person at least 32 encounters with a concept before they recognize it. As a small business owner, this makes it almost impossible to establish your brand with your target market. How can you expose your target market with your brand that many times? Well when you use promotional goods like compressed shirts, your shirts do the work for you. You give your audience a compressed shirt. First exposure is taken care of. Then, they unravel it. Put a check mark next to the second exposure. Then, they look at your unraveled compressed shirt and think about how cool you are to have thought of such a cool concept. Numero tres. Then, every time they wear your shirt, and every time someone comments on their cool shirt, you are cementing your brand in their minds, and creating brand recognition. Pretty soon, your business is a household name. All thanks to your cool compressed shirts.

If there is anything we hope you took from this post, it’s that compressed shirts are the way to go for all of your marketing strategies. Everyone loves compressed shirts.

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