Long lasting sparklers

Wedding sparklers are a great way to engage your guests and allow your photographer capture some really fun and beautiful moments. Of course, sparklers are not fool-proof. Here is a list of mistakes to avoid when making your grand exit.

  1. Not getting permission from your venue
    Before you go out and buy sparklers in bulk, check with your reception venue to make sure they allow sparklers at all. Some places may not permit sparklers for insurance reasons.
  2. No planning or announcement
    If you want your wedding sparkler send-off to be a success, you will need to get as many people as possible involved. Without a sign or announcement, your guests may not know when it?s time. Also, make sure you plan your send-off with the sunset in mind. In the summer, it gets darker later, so you will need to hold off on the sparklers until the sun goes down.
  3. Not enough space
    Make sure there is enough outdoor space at your particular venue. Stay away from anything potentially flammable and make sure guests can spread out.
  4. Overbuying
    Not everyone will participate in the send-off. Some guests may leave early and some may choose to watch from the sidelines. So, you don?t need to buy one sparker per guest. It is smart to order enough wedding sparklers for roughly 75% of your guest list. This should be enough for a bright and beautiful wedding sparkler send-off.
  5. Not enough matches
    Make sure you have plenty of matches to go around. Why not supply a cute matchbox as a wedding favor?
  6. Poor coordination
    Sparklers are tricky. Some burn out quickly while others stay lit for longer. Make sure you buy long lasting sparklers so everyone has a chance to keep them lit at the same time. You may want to try out the sparklers ahead of time to make sure your long sparklers actually last as long as they should.

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