Sparklers for weddings

Have you seen those gorgeous wedding photos with sparklers? The contrast of dark and light is striking, not to mention the flattering shadows cast by the sparks. As with most things that look so simple on Pinterest, it takes more than one would at first believe to create a photo shoot like that. It is not enough to buy sparklers online from just anyone. The original wedding sparkler company set up shop somewhere around 10 years ago, and set the bar on quality wedding sparklers.

The little sparklers handed off to kids on July 4 each year are not the same as those created by the original wedding sparkler company. Those traditional ones last a maximum of 45 seconds before smoking out into nothing. That short amount of time is not enough. To get a beautiful picture the wedding photographer is going to need a bit more time to work with, as it takes time to set up the shot and light up the sparklers for each person. The more people in the photo, the longer it will take to set up.

The original wedding sparkler company, and other companies that offer similar wares, can offer three different sparkler sizes. The smaller the sparkler, the less time it will burn for, with the 10-inch and 20-inch sizes burning for about two and a half minutes. The largest size, 36-inches, can burn for as long as four minutes. You might wonder why anyone would want to buy a sparkler that burns for less time, but it makes sense under the right circumstances.

A shorter burn time may be ideal if there will be children in attendance. It is recommended by the original wedding sparkler company actually, that only children older than 10 be allowed to hold a lit sparkler. It has been shown that children between the ages of 10 and 14 are twice as likely as an adult to have an accident; so constant supervision is a must. But it might make things easier if the amount of time the kids are holding on to a sparking stick is shortened, hence the appeal of a shorter burn time.

If you plan to have your wedding at night, the lighting is going to be important. You do not want your wedding photos to be so dark that it is hard to make out people’s faces. And bright flashes from a camera are not flattering to anyone. Talk to your photographer beforehand and discuss how different lighting may effect the end result. And of course, you can discuss the different images that could be created using sparkers. Have no doubt about it; the beautiful images you have seen online are carefully thought out. You too can create a lovely image to bring back your wedding day memories. You just need the right sparklers.

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