This video gives an overview of the different types and styles of stud diamond earrings. There is a lot to consider when making such a significant purchase. So, if you’re considering buying diamond earrings for yourself or as a birthday or Valentine’s gift.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Diamond earrings are a staple of any jewelry wardrobe and there are some things you need to know when buying your first pair. People sometimes go wrong because they approach buying diamond earrings the same way they would go about buying a diamond ring, but you want to remember that these are going on your ears and need to complement not only your ears but also your face. This means that the size, style, and cut will need to be different from something that you would be wearing on your finger.
Something to remember is that the size and quality of the diamond are not as obvious when it comes to jewelry for your ears, so you should consider shape and style before jumping into wanting the biggest, clearest diamonds in the world. For earrings, your best bet is to find something that suits the shape of your unique face and ears.