Silverson, a company producing cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment, presents an educational video about achieving the perfect consistency and stability of cosmetic creams.

They identified that the crucial step in producing a cosmetic cream with the perfect consistency is the mixing stage. The cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment like a Silverson mixer creates a perfect emulsion by producing a uniform droplet size which translates into a final product that is easily absorbable by the skin, soft, and functional.

The size of the droplets produced by cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment influences the quality of the end product.

Video Source

Silverson mixer produces droplets between two and five microns but can go as small as half a micron, depending on the formulation. The smaller-sized droplets generate a more balanced and consistent cream mixture.

The video explains how cosmetic cream is made. All the steps in the process are shown, and the audience can observe the Silverson mixer in action. First, the oil solution is prepared by melting wax that is usually solid at room temperature, and then the aqueous solution is prepared with the help of the Silverson mixer. The magic happens when the two solutions are combined, resulting in a perfectly emulsified, stable cream just after a few seconds of mixing.