Dressing up for work is something that has, to some extent, fallen by the wayside in working life for the average adult living in the United States. Dressing casually has, in many places of business, become the norm, with things such as luxury dress shirts becoming less common and less seen than they once were. However, many employers would like to see such ways of dress, the ways that incorporated luxury dress shirts and tailored clothing, come back into style. In fact, very nearly half (forty seven percent, to be more exact) of all employers all throughout the entire country of the United States feel that their employees currently dress too casually – and wouldn’t mind seeing more luxury dress shirts and other methods of dressing up for work come back into play. As just more than that same percentage feel that their employees now dress far more casually than even just five years ago – a mere half of a decade ago – this shows that the push towards dressing up in the workplace, in luxury dress shirts and high end mens clothing, is continuing to grow and hold strong in many a workplace.

Part of this simply has to do with the fact that dressing up in the work place, in luxury dress shirts and even designer suits, helps employees to make a good impression each and every day. In some lines of work, such as (but not limited to) sales, this is particularly important, as making a good first impression with potential or even existing clients is crucial – and can certainly be helped by wearing luxury dress shirts and dressing up and looking nice and professional overall. And first impressions tend to happen very quickly – more quickly than many people realize – in as little as seven seconds but typically in no longer than seventeen seconds. This means that in less than a mere half of a minute, a first impression of who you are as a professional person representing your company or business will have been formed. While luxury dress shirts are not the only component of this first impression that is made, they certainly can help to portray the wearer as someone that is well put together as well as – most importantly – a highly professional person, so professional that they care about their physical appearance and all parts of their performance very highly. And as first impressions are determined and strongly based on physical appearance – as much as fifty five percent of a first impression centers on just that and nothing else – looking good in luxury dress shirts or even bespoke clothing can help to cement a positive first impression in the minds of many.

Dressing up in the work place is highly advisable, but having clothes that fit you well is even more important, as even luxury dress shirts that fit too tightly or too loosely can have the opposite effect than what you are intending and can actually work against you in cementing a professional impression of you. Going to see a professional tailor who will take your measurements can be hugely helpful in this process, even if you are of the average and typical size for a man in the United States. For instance, only around two centimeters of shirt color should be made visible when wearing a suit jacket, something that often requires professional tailoring to achieve. The lengths of the cuffs of your shirt are also important, falling, ideally, at just two centimeters from the wrist bone. Though these may seem like small changes to make in your luxury dress shirts and designer suits, they can have a bigger than anticipated impact in the overall way that you look, helping to cultivate a look of ultimate professionalism and poise in the work place as well as without it, making a good impression in all that see you and all that interact with you, even on the most minor of levels. The clothes that you wear matter, and their power should not be underestimated at all.