A Look At First Impressions And Why Dressing Up In the Workplace Matters

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Mens business attire, Mens custom tailor, Mens dress trousers

    Dressing up for work is something that has, to some extent, fallen by the wayside in working life for the average adult living in the United States. Dressing casually has, in many places of business, become the norm, with things such as luxury dress shirts becoming less common and less seen than they once were. However, many employers would like to see such ways of dress, the ways that incorporated luxury dress shirts and tailored clothing, come back into style. In fact, very nearly half (forty seven percent, to be more exact) of all employers all throughout the entire country of the United States feel that their employees currently dress too casually – and wouldn’t mind seeing more luxury dress shirts and other methods of dressing up for work come back into play. As just more than that same percentage feel that their employees now dress far more casually than even