About 36 million mattresses are sold each year in America. Unfortunately, this does not mean that 36 million Americans were happy with their new mattresses. To avoid disappointment, follow these tips from Ashbourne Home Centre.

The first tip is to make sure your new mattress will fit your mattress base. For example, if you want a memory foam mattress, you can’t put it on a base made for a spring mattress or it will not give you the right support and cause early damage to the mattress.

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A memory foam mattress needs a flat base.

The next tip is to always lie down on a mattress you are thinking of buying in the mattress store. Do not just sit on it. Your weight is distributed differently along the mattress when you sit and when you lie down. Sitting on a mattress is no indication of how it will feel when you lie flat on it.

Another tip is to buy a mattress that either keeps you cool or warms you up as you sleep. Memory foam warms you as you sleep, since it curls around your body. Alternatives to memory foam are latex or geltex mattresses. There are also cooling mattresses specifically made to lower your body temperature as you sleep.