Have you ever wondered what the lives of professional bail bondsmen look like? On the television, they are depicted as gun-slinging vigilantes that do as they please, but it’s the furthest from the truth.

Bail bond agencies are in charge of posting bail for clients that have the money to pay their fee. You’ll see this often for people who have been convicted of a crime but don’t want to wait in a jail cell for their court date.

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This seems simple enough, but often you’ll see that many people who post bail try to get out of paying the fee. What happens next is not necessarily the responsibility of the bail bondsman, but they can take the matter into their own hands if they choose to. They can either hire a bounty hunter to get the fugitive for them, or they can do it themselves. You’ll often see a bail bondsman act as both a bounty hunter and a bondsman. In this video, we see these bondsmen going after fugitives, and because they are also bounty hunters, they have a warrant and a right to find their fugitives no matter if their door is locked or not.