Why We Love Beyonce (Forever and Ever)

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Black celeb gossip, Black hip hop gossip, Celeb news

    There are countless platforms that connect us to pop culture and make it a forefront aspect of news in our everyday lives. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops connect us to Twitter, Instagram, and other tools that we use to know who’s who, what they are doing, and where they are at. We enjoy scrutinizing celebrity outfits, matchmaking between stars, and unexpected break ups of some of our favorite Hollywood package deals. You may enjoy following certain cultures and movements, such as music sensations only, members of the Kardashian pack, or the all around female idol Beyonce and her feminist and black empowerment movements.
    In fact, can we just talk about Beyonce for a minute? In the black gossip realm of celebrity news, her face, her voice, and the things she believes in are always ranked high in priority. Queen Bee is outrageously successful, coming in at an estimated net wo