The Story of the Engagement Ring

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    There are so many institutions we witness from day to day but we never question. Most of these things we don’t even notice but like a ship underneath us, these institutions carry us forward while we go about our lives. We never see them, we can barely feel them but they are there and they are numerous. For example, driving on the right side of the road. Now, most of us know that in some other countries they drive on left side of the road instead of the right. We are aware of that, some of us might have even been to those countries and see these different customs in action, but we don’t often think about them unless we have to. At best and most of the time, our awareness of these various ideas and customs is limited to a fuzzy overall memory that we don’t usually need. Regional cuisines, for instance, are another custom that we tend not to think about until we have to. Someone who has moved from upstate New York to Oregon is going to find that Oregon is a much different place with a muc