Wedding Rings Are a Time-Honored Tradition Open to Change

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    Expensive gems and metals have been highly desired by social elites around the world for millenia, establishing themselves as essential aspects of royalty, nobility, engagement to marry, and status. This tradition continues well into the modern age, but now, in recent decades, some traditions surrounding fine jewelry and the social customs tied to them are opening to change.

    The Next Generation

    The Millenial generation, those aged around 23-36, are old enough to seriously consider marrying and buying decorative jewelry like their parents before them. And like many generations before them, today’s young men are buying diamonds and gold engagement rings for their girlfriends, but with new twists.

    Many of the world’s diamonds originate from diamond mines across sub-Saharan Africa,/conflict-diamond-facts”/>Brilliant Earth, where the have been mined for years. Now, however, Millenials often express interest in conflict-free diamonds, including those that are lab-grown