Forget the pies and cookies, start selling clothing as your next school fundraiser

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Custom high school apparel, Custom shirts, Team spirit store

    While so many school fundraisers are pies, cookie dough, and wrapping paper there are other school fundraiser projects that could be even more lacerative. Instead of making kids sell these pointless materials that most grandmothers only buy because no one else needs anything out of the fundraiser books that are overpriced and usually just pointless, why not plan a school pride apparel fundraiser to get the entire community involved in showing a bit of school spirit with a custom t-shirt? A spirit wear fundraiser could be a fun way to get the entire school and community involved in happy showing off school spirit shirts and other school spirit wear.

    62% of Americans own more than 10 t-shirts! That’s more than 1.5 billion shirts in closets roughly. With custom apparel and t shirts for fundraising an entire community gets a reward and to show off their school pride even if they graduated from said school years before. Custom school apparel is no longer just something to sport depend